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Heldan Heating is a Gas Safe Registered Company based in the Medway Towns and take pride in offering a first class service for Boiler Servicing & Repairs in Medway, Central Heating Services in Medway, Plumbing in Medway & Gas Engineers in Medway.

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Gas Safe Engineers Medway

  We are fully qualified, insured and Gas Safe Registered.
  No job is too small and our prices are extremely competitive.

Boiler Repairs Medway


As we cater for the domestic market we understand that your house is not just a house, but is your home and deserves respect when work is being undertaken there.

We have 5 fundamental principles in regards to our work:

  Honesty  -  honest advice and only work that needs to be undertaken will be.
  Quality  -  our work is carried out to current industry standards and backed by guarantee.
  Friendly & Polite  -  you should not feel uncomfortable or pressured in your own home.
  Reliability  -  we will turn up on time or we will contact you if we are to be delayed.
  Neat & Tidy  -  your home will be left in the same condition as it was before we arrived.

If you are a landlord in Medway give us a call to arrange and carry out your Landlords Gas Safety Check (CP12), this can be combined with a Boiler Service, so you stay within the law and ensure your boiler and heating system are working correctly.

Our Plumbers in Medway offer Boiler repairs/servicing, central heating Services, Landlords CP12 Gas Safety checks, gas engineers and general plumbing services to the domestic market and we cover the following areas: Medway, Chatham, Lordswood, Walderslade, Rochester, Gillingham, Rainham, Strood, St Marys Island, Snodland, Hoo.

If you are outside these areas please still give us a call as we may still be able to help you, even if its just some advice over the phone.

Boiler Repairs Medway

Boiler Repairs & Service in Medway

Boiler breakdowns in Medway can be a worry as it can be expensive to fix, but this is not the case in over 50% of the boiler repairs that we undertake as we aim to get your boiler back up and running within the first hour if at all possible.

We value honesty and find it is always the best policy.

Before calling us help yourself by performing any relevant checks listed below, you may not even need a gas engineer to repair your boiler!

  If you have a Combi Boiler check the pressure is between 1 - 1.5bar.
  If a regular boiler check the little header tank in your loft has water in it.
  Check your radiators have water in them and bleed any air out.
  Turn off the power/reset your boiler.
  Check or replace any batteries in wireless thermostats or programmers.
  Check you have gas by lighting your hob/cooker for a minute.
  Check any fuses/main fuse board haven't blown/tripped.
  Check your (normally white) condensate pipe isn't blocked or frozen if you have a modern condensing boiler

If you're still having boiler problems click and call us and we can help you.

Having your boiler serviced regularly helps reduce call outs for boiler repairs, keeps it burning efficiently to help reduce running costs and emissions and checks that everything is running as best as it can. We can also check the other parts of your heating system, ie, controls, radiators and valves, water tanks and valves, and any visable pipework. This helps ensure your whole system is in good working order.

For more info on our Boiler Services and tips for your Boiler and Heating System go to our Boiler Repairs Medway page to find more information.
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CP12 Landlords Gas Safety checks in Medway

In 1996 the government made it a legal duty for landlords who rent all or part of a property that they must have any gas appliances and pipe work checked for safe operation and a certificate issued every 12 months. This will therefore apply to most landlords unless there is no gas in your property.

If you need a Landlords Gas Safety Check in Medway give us a call as we can arrange everything with the tenants, carry out the Landlords Gas Safety Check, leave a copy at the property on completion of the job and either post or email you your copy of the Gas Safety certificate and invoice.

Click and get more information about your duties as a Landlord and about what is checked during either a Landlords Gas Safety Check Medway.

We also offer reduced rates on boiler services and boiler servicing if combined with the gas safety check. We also offer boiler fault diagnostics checks in the event that your boiler is not working or playing up.

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GasSafe Register Engineers in Medway

We are GasSafe Registered. You can check our registration at the Official GasSafe Register Website via a seach engine of your choice, or Click Here to go to Gas Safe's website.

Always use a GasSafe Registered Engineer for any gas work, any boiler repairs or boiler services you may need undertaking, otherwise it can not only pose a risk to your life but can invalidate your house insurance in the event you need to make a claim.

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Central Heating Services in Medway

Your central heating system isn't just your boiler, and if you are experiencing problems with your heating system it could be a problem with your radiators, pumps, valves, thermostats, ball valves, header tanks or pressure vessels.

You need to check these other parts of your central heating system aswell as your boiler regularly so as to reduce call outs for a 'boiler repair' that is not necessary! A common fault is radiators not heating up, which quite often is because theres little or no water in them, thermostatic radiator valves are stuck closed or the batteries in the wireless room thermostat need replacing.

When we conduct a boiler service we can also check the other parts of your heating system so as to notify you if anything needs looking at, as this is often missed from regular checking.

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Pumbing/Plumbers in Medway

Whether you need help from Plumbers in Medway or Plumbers in Maidstone we can help and aim to have plumbing repairs done that same day so you can carry on with your usual routine as soon as possible. From new taps to fixing a leak, connecting a washing machine or unblocking your sink.

For general advice on good practice for your plumbing system, practical advice in the event of a plumbing leak you can call us or visit our plumbing pages for tips on Plumbing in Medway.

We also repair Central Heating problems, radiators not working, valves leaking etc.

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